Invest and Saving

Invest and Save

20 years ago, the advice was to keep your savings in a bank account. Today the advice is to do as much as you can with crypto.
There are more opportunities for investing smarter than ever before thanks to cryptocurrency and again. Uniontradepro has now made it super easier with as low as $10, you have access to an amazing array of opportunities for investments and savings.

Uniontradepro is a way to make your money work harder by earning a higher interest rate (between 8 - 105% APY) on your dollar.

It's easy to use:
  • Add funds
  • Gain real-time interest
  • You can cash out whenever you want.

So, how does this all work?

Uniontradepro can do things your bank can't because it's powered by special cryptocurrencies called stablecoins. When using Uniontradepro Invest & Savings, we automatically convert your dollars to stablecoins and then use it to do averse risk investments with our world-class team to help make more money.
On your account, you receive a real-time interest rate based on your assets and savings. The interest rate varies constantly but has roughly been in the 8.6-10% range in recent months.

What are Stablecoins

Stablecoins are based on blockchain technology and are similar to real dollars. They have no fluctuation in value and are pegged to the US dollar at 1:1. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access them, and they can be transferred globally in seconds, not days.
The real advantage, as with other cryptocurrencies, is that they allow a slew of new financial applications that don't need any borders or banks.

How is this different from a bank?

Banks generate profit as a middleman, whereas lenders earn interest directly with the crypto approach. Here's a closer look:

Traditional Approach:

You go to a bank and deposit $2,000, and the bank gives you a 0.50% interest rate (if you're lucky!). On the backend, the bank loans your money to someone else, such as a small business owner or a college student, and charges a 5% interest rate to make a 4.5% return on your money.

The Crypto Approach:

There is no need for a middleman. You can negotiate directly with the creditor all over the world and receive a higher rate of interest (instead of sharing it with a bank).

How is my interest rate calculated?

We use an algorithm to calculate the interest rate, which is dependent on supply and demand. If the demand for credit grows, so do interest rates. In contrast, as the lending supply expands, prices decrease. The crypto sector's supply and demand dynamics are special, which explains why interest rates are so high.

How often is my interest paid?

The entire system operates in real-time, with no "one-year" terminology (as there are with traditional bank lending).
You can be paying interest every 15 seconds, or every block, with this dynamic method. You will be able to see your savings rise on a regular basis rather than once a year.

Is my interest rate variable?

Our Savings and Investinterest rates fluctuate due to Compound's lending and borrowing. Rates can fluctuate up to four times per minute, with most changes being very minor.
Compound's interest rate has fluctuated between 2 and 10% APY over the last few months, as of this writing. Expect a lot of change in your life.

Can I withdraw?

You have the option to cash out at any time. Funds will be immediately restored to your cash balance in-app with a swipe of a button. You will then immediately withdraw funds from your bank account.